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Daisy Buchanan: Before and After

Este es un poema que escribí para una asignatura en inglés sobre The Great Gatsby. ¡Espero que os guste!

Daisy Buchanan: Before and After

I've read some poetry books
that are not like I thought.
They were beautiful tools
like the jewels I got.
I like writing in verse
because rithms and styles
are like a face which is terse,
clean, and always smiles.

I never care meanings.
What´s said isn´t bound.
I care about three things:
money, myself, and Tom.

¡Ha, ha! ¡Look at my rhymes!
They´re not difficult at all.
They are like little crimes
that I like each time a little more.
Ask for Wilson. He knows
the terrible and huge hit
that mades her wife fall.
I was just driving
at a wonderful night
with the great Jay Gatsby:
both sited side by side.

When I was with Gatsby
I loved him too
but I was already married.
I was really a fool.
He didn´t love me
but the Daisy of the past.
He was absorbed by his dreams,
In this sense, he was mad.

Money is the motor
of all this wretched world.
Here, only matters the honor,
and how to survive if troubles come.
Money can give you coats,
coats can keep you warm,
warm can give you happyness,
but without money, all will go wrong.

I got money when I got Tom,
more or less five years ago,
and I thought it wasn´t going to last,
but I realized he loves me:
I am sure of that.

Before I took it as a farse,
until he woke me up.
I love him, undobtedly,
but we are weak and get older.
We had an affair, but,
actually, we know we need each other.

And how to forget Pammy?
She is growing up
and I hope she becomes
in a beatiful little fool.
That´s the best thing a woman can be.
This´s how the society works.

In the book that Nick wrote
I seem to be shallow...
I don´t want me to be that,
but I think it´s true: I´m like a shadow
that doesn´t like to walk through light.

Now, I read "The Great Gatsby",
and I sadden because of me...
Now I know what I´ve been:
selfish and shallow.
Since then I´ve been straining
to erase my past shadow
and become a real wife
and also a true mother.

Óscar Santos Pradana

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